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If you have been working overtime, you must be really busy with your project. Keeping track of your overtime hours is the last thing you will ever remember to do. When the project has completed and delivered, you only has a fuzzy memory of your overtime hours. The only thing you can be sure, is that you will not be paid for your work if you do not submit those overtime claims. The need to recall and investigate all these overtime hours is painful and time consuming.

You will be pleased to know that our automatic time tracking software can keep track of the number of overtime days you have worked. All done automatically without you doing any manual timekeeping. You are free to focus on your project work and only refers to the daily activity log prepared by our software when it is time to claim those overtime hours. The activity log can even show you the documents, emails or web pages that you were working on.

Calculating overtime hours has never been this easy and hassle free with our time tracking software. Your memory is better served in other area of your work instead of storing all these overtime hours. No more guessing or pestering your colleagues for any clue of your overtime work. If you have worked overtime on that particular evening, our daily activity log will clearly indicate that you did and the exact amount of overtime hours too.

Calculate your overtime with our time tracking software! You can download and try it for free right now, and see what the software can do for you. Or read more about our time tracking software.

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